Joey Samuels


About Me:

Education & Training

After completing his high school education, Joey joined the United States Marine Corps with the hope of becoming a Military Working Dog handler. He worked tirelessly to develop the skills needed for this desired role. His hard work paid off when he was selected for the program and began his career as a dog handler.

Joey’s perseverance, and dedication to his craft have given him opportunities to further his education in dog training and handling. He attended numerous courses and seminars both in the United States and overseas, where he learned advanced techniques in scent detection, obedience, and controlled aggression. 

During Joey’s eight-year Marine Corps career, he spent four years in the Marine Corps Special Operations Command, serving as a Multi-Purpose Canine Handler. Joey was deployed to various locations worldwide, where he and his canine partners served a critical role in maintaining security and protecting military personnel. The experience of working in a high-pressure environment with these highly trained animals deepened Joey’s appreciation for their capabilities and their importance to the military.

After leaving the military, Joey’s passion for helping other develop a deeper appreciation for their pets has led him to the next chapter in his career, as a private dog trainer and staff service dog trainer with Southern Cross Service Dogs.