The Impact of Southern Cross Service Dogs

Recently, Southern Cross Service Dogs (SCSD) was featured in an article by Annabelle Sikes in the West Orange Times & Observer, highlighting our mission and dedication to veterans. We are proud to share some highlights from the article, which resonates deeply with our vision and efforts.

The article sheds light on Brandon Marquez’s journey from serving in the U.S. Marines to founding SCSD. His personal experiences with combat and its aftermath led him to discover the therapeutic power of service dogs, not just in his own life but also as a means to support other veterans facing similar challenges.

Southern Cross Service Dogs, rooted in unity and tradition, was established to provide exceptional service dogs to veterans at no cost. These dogs are more than companions; they’re trained to assist with specific disabilities, helping veterans regain independence and a sense of normalcy in their post-service lives.

Our service dogs undergo rigorous training to ensure they meet the unique needs of each veteran. As highlighted in the article, the training is comprehensive, focusing on building traits like confidence and courage essential for a service dog.

The article also discusses our recent fundraising event, our gala last January at the Waldorf Astoria in Orlando, which helped raise over $200,000. It mentions the heartwarming stories of veterans who have been paired with our service dogs, illustrating the profound impact they have.

For a more detailed account of our work at Southern Cross Service Dogs and the stories of the people and animals at its heart, we encourage you to read Annabelle Sikes’s full article in the West Orange Times & Observer.

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