Welcome to the Southern Cross Service Dogs, your gateway to discovering our mission and impact. We’re honored to introduce you to a world where extraordinary service dogs transform lives and create hope.

Our founder, Brandon Marquez along with our Director of Operations, Joey Samuels are the foundation of Southern Cross Service Dogs. Both were dog handlers for the elite Marine Corp. Special Operations Command, their commitment to service and their understanding of the value a service dog provides is at the heart of our organization. Along with Co-Founder and Executive Director Matthew Krug, who bring 30 years of leadership experience, this team is focused on doing great things.

Our Mission

Southern Cross Service Dogs was founded to enrich lives by pairing exceptionally trained service dogs with those in need. Our focus, particularly on U.S. veterans, seeks to provide increased independence and self-reliance.



Explore our YouTube channel and watch our videos. Witness service dogs in training, emotional interactions between recipients and their dogs, and the heartwarming moments from our events.


Join Our Journey

Join us in our mission to provide exceptional service dogs and empower individuals with disabilities.

  1. Impact Stories: Discover the powerful stories of lives transformed through the companionship and support of our service dogs. Real examples showcase the tangible impact our organization brings to individuals with disabilities.

  2. Benefits for Sponsors: By partnering with Southern Cross Service Dogs, sponsors align with a mission that empowers veterans and individuals with disabilities. Sponsorship offers brand visibility, community engagement, and the chance to contribute to a cause that makes a genuine difference.


Support Our Cause

Your support will directly contribute to this initiative, allowing us to provide these exceptional service dogs to deserving veterans, empowering them to overcome hurdles and thrive in their personal and professional lives.

Visit the rest of our website to learn more about how you can be part of our journey: southerncrossservicedogs.org/get-involved/

For inquiries and partnership discussions, please contact our Executive Director, Matthew Krug: