Step inside the world of Southern Cross Service Dogs and experience our training garage like never before! Our VR scan allows you to explore the place where service dog magic happens, offering a unique glimpse into our mission.

Join us on this virtual journey as we bring our training garage to life and share the mission that drives us. Step into a world of compassion, empowerment, and hope. Explore our VR experience today and become a part of the Southern Cross Service Dogs’ story.

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Witness the Bond

Walk alongside our dedicated trainers and their service dogs as they build meaningful connections and unbreakable bonds.

Training in Action

Observe the intricate training exercises that foster skills and independence in our service dogs, tailored to the needs of their future partners.

Impactful Moments

Experience firsthand the transformative moments of joy and accomplishment as service dogs master tasks to support individuals with disabilities.

Empowerment in Motion

Be inspired by the strength and resilience of our beneficiaries as they embrace newfound independence through their service dog partnerships.