Paving the Path to Partnership


Our Journey with a Future Hero

Join us in welcoming Frankie, our enthusiastic yellow lab, embarking on a transformative journey to become a service dog. At just 12 weeks old, Frankie’s days are filled with discovery, from playful moments to essential socialization. Our trainers, Brandon and Joey, are focused on nurturing Frankie’s confidence and comfort in diverse environments. This foundational stage emphasizes exposure to new sights and sounds, ensuring Frankie grows into a supportive companion for a veteran in need.

Training Goals and Progress

Frankie is learning the ropes, mastering basic commands like sit, lay down, and stay, alongside becoming acclimated to various environments. His preparation for a future with a puppy raiser is underway, aiming for a seamless transition around the six-month mark. Our goal is for Frankie to embrace the world with curiosity and confidence, laying the groundwork for his role as a service dog.

Stay Connected

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Meet Frankie

Frankie's Early Adventures