Paving the Path to Partnership


Matty's Journey of Growth

Welcome to Matty’s page! Named in honor of Mr. Matthew Grzymalski, Matty represents the heart and dedication of Southern Cross Service Dogs towards supporting veterans. As a one year old, Matty is our program’s gentle giant, embracing his training with both size and grace.

Training Focus and Future

Matty is navigating the critical phase of his training, balancing his love for new adventures with the need for calmness and obedience. As he matures, Matty is inching closer to being ready for a puppy raiser, a vital step towards becoming a veteran’s service dog. This stage emphasizes exposure to various environments and mastering commands that ensure he can support his future partner in every aspect of life.

Meet Matty

The Journey of Training
a Future Service Dog

Be Part of Matty's Story

Follow Matty’s remarkable progression on Southern Cross Service Dogs’ social media and consider becoming a part of his journey. Matty is on the lookout for a loving puppy raiser to guide him through the next phase of his training. Your support could pave the way for Matty’s success and help him prepare for the ultimate role of serving a veteran in need.