Expanding to Save More Lives: Southern Cross Service Dogs’ 2024 Vision

Welcome to a pivotal moment in the journey of Southern Cross Service Dogs. As we step into a new phase of growth, we’re excited to share our plans and vision with you.

What we do at SCSD requires a substantial amount of resources. It’s not just about financial investment, but also the dedicated time and effort from our team. Currently, we’re nurturing and training four service dogs, but our goal is much more ambitious. We aim to raise and train 20 service dogs annually to significantly increase our support for veterans in need. To achieve this goal, we need to expand beyond our current facilities. Our vision includes acquiring land and building a dedicated training facility.

Our ‘Always Beside You’ monthly pledge program is one of the critical ways supporters help us. Contributions from this program cover essential costs like dog food, veterinary care, and training equipment. We’re also eagerly preparing to welcome a new puppy soon, which comes with added vet visits and care needs.

We invite you to join us in this exciting and transformative journey. Together, we can expand our capacity to train more service dogs and reach more veterans. Every bit of support brings us closer to our goal of saving lives.

Thank you for standing beside us. Together, we can make 2024 a year of extraordinary growth and impact.