Inside SCSD’s Service Dog Application Process

We are thrilled to share with you a significant step in our journey — the launch of our veteran service dog application. This development marks a new chapter in our mission to empower veterans through the companionship and assistance of service dogs.

Over the past two years, our team, led by Brandon Marquez and Joey Samuels, has been dedicated to training two exceptional service dogs — Lucky and Reilly. Their journey from playful puppies to trained service dogs has been one of commitment, care, and transformation. These dogs are now fully prepared to be paired with veterans who need them the most.

Our veteran application process is designed to be thorough and personalized. We understand that like our dogs, every veteran is unique, with individual needs and experiences. The application is the first step in creating a successful match between a veteran and a service dog. It helps us gain insights into each veteran’s specific circumstances, enabling us to pair them with a dog that complements and addresses their needs effectively.

Eligibility for the program includes:

  1. Current active-duty military or veterans of the United States armed services post-9/11.
  2. A verified clinical diagnosis of post-traumatic stress, traumatic brain injury, or military sexual trauma.
  3. Stable living environment with a detailed residential history for the past ten years.

We understand that reaching out and taking the first step can be challenging. As veterans ourselves, we’ve been there and we recognize the courage it takes to seek help. We encourage veterans who could benefit from a service dog to fill out the application.

If you know a veteran who could benefit from a service dog, encourage them to apply. Share our message and help us reach those who need these life-changing companions.